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Montana's child care system recognizes four types of child care, and requires that anyone caring for more than 2 unrelated children on a regular basis become registered by the state.

  • A Family Child Care Home has one child care provider with a total of six children, three of whom can be under the age of two.
  • A Group Child Care has two child care providers with a total of twelve children, six of whom can be under the age of two.
  • A Child Care Center has 13 or more children depending on facility size, with child-to-adult ratios varying on age of children.
  • A Family, Friend, and Neighbor or Relative Caregiver is a family member or friend who cares for ONLY two children, OR siblings, for state payment purposes. Care may be provided in the child's home in certain circumstances. is Montana's Distance Learning provider. Here you'll find online courses to meet child care licensing and STARS requirements, as well as, other professional development needs 24/7. 

STARS to Quality is Montana's quality rating improvement system. STARS includes workforce development, a quality improvement system, and infrastructure to provide coaching, technical assistance, training, and to validate the program.

All child care provider training and professional development must be approved by the Montana Early Childhood Project. Visit their website to apply or renew your Practitioner Registry, for a statewide calendar of events, and a copy of your professional development record!